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Removable Extreme CHAFE GEAR

Offering maximum protection as well as easy installation and inspection Chafe Master™ is crafted from abrasion-resistant polyester and nylon fibers that are constucted to shield rope from abrasive conditions. For the most severe abrasion, Chafe Master™ Removable Extreme chafe gear is the right fit for the toughest jobs.

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features and specifications

This heavy duty chafe guard is best for industrial marine applications that have severe chafe issues. The Chafe Master™ Removable Extreme chafe gear sleeve is removable which allows for easy access to inspect mooring lines, hydraulic hoses, cables, and any other marine application that would need extreme protection. It’s removable and easily applied.

  • Material: Proprietary Polymer Coated 1500 Denier Substrate 40oz. sq. yd
  • Chafe Resistance: Outstanding, tough, heavy weight. Tested to 500,000+ cycles
  • Puncture/Tear: Excellent
  • UV Protection: Excellent; meets EN13758-1, top rating of 80 New
  • Wicking: Non-wicking
  • Temperature Range: Ambient –35°F (-37°C) to + 225°F (107°C)
  • Closure: Mil Spec hook and loop sewn to sleeve with Spectra Thread
  • Chemicals: Very good resistance to water, petroleum products, and detergents

CHF-EXT-1.75 1.8 5.50 7.00
CHF-EXT-2.0 2.0 6.28 7.78
CHF-EXT-2.38 2.4 7.47 8.97
CHF-EXT-2.5 2.5 7.85 9.35
CHF-EXT-2.75 2.8 8.64 10.14
CHF-EXT-3.0 3.0 9.42 10.92
CHF-EXT-3.25 3.3 10.21 11.71
CHF-EXT-3.5 3.5 10.99 12.49
CHF-EXT-4.0 4.0 12.56 14.06
CHF-EXT-4.5 4.5 14.13 15.63
CHF-EXT-5.0 5.0 15.70 17.20
CHF-EXT-6.0 6.0 18.84 20.34
CHF-EXT-7.0 7.0 21.98 23.48
CHF-EXT-8.0 8.0 25.12 26.62
CHF-EXT-9.0 9.0 28.27 29.77
CHF-EXT-9.5 9.5 29.84 31.34
CHF-EXT-10.0 10.0 31.41 32.91


Chafe Master™ offers a complete line of protective sleeves, straps, engine blankets and exhaust coverings manufactured from a wide variety of custom fabrics to provide equipment and operator protection.

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